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3R Canada Group is a modern and ever evolving company. In these digitalized and global times, we understand that for clients an open approach is necessary. This is why we offer online consultations, as well as via call. In the case that you don’t speak English, or French, we also offer our services in Arabic.



At 3R Canada Group what is emphasized and most important is long term financial health. There are no quick fix solutions to financial and business problems. What is truly effective and beneficial is a customized plan crafted by a team of experts and this is why 3r is the right place.




What ever the case, we know and are determined to find a way to help you. There are several ways to accomplish the same goal. We use our connections and our expertise to find a solution that works well in your favor.

Your business is your path to financial freedom

Establish your business

We help with structuring and sourcing lines of credit, long term loans, finding the best lender and sourcing commercial mortgages.

You can find A LOT of information on the internet but what is the correct step for you? What path should you follow? Our consultants have years of experience in business and can help you incorporate, register your business name, set up bank accounts, and get your HST / Payroll ready to get started.

You won’t need to worry about the admin management and be able to focus on what really matters, your customers!

we aren't afraid of trying new things

Recover Your Credit

We create personalized plans to help you develop a stable, efficient, and reliable financial situation. The solution we provide is created to provide a stable long term solution for your credit.

Even if you are on the verge of bankruptcy and need help getting back on track we have dedicated professionals to assist with preparing the right file and connecting you with the right Licensed Insolvency Trustee/LIT to get you the results you’ve been striving for.

We can:
-Review credit information
-Dispute misinformation
-Present your consumer proposal
-Present your Bankruptcy file
-and more!

We ensure you use programs that will ensure the safety of your assets, get low payment rates and protect you against creditors.  


we aren't afraid of trying new things

Stop waiting to buy your first or even second property

We can help you get a mortgage in ways your bank can’t.

Is this happening to you? You go to the bank to get approval for the home and you feel as though you are able to pay your mortgage. What ends up happening is your bank tells you, you don’t qualify for a mortgage try again later.

We are affiliated with Greenflow Financial to get you the right guidance to get the home you’ve been dreaming of. With our consultations, plans, and professional insight you can strategically make a decision that will get you closer to having the home of your dreams.

This applies for getting a mortgage that fits your budget, getting a second mortgage, or even a home equity line of credit.

Our mortgage specialist is the 3R Canada Group CEO & Founder Fouad Tfaili. Contact him or the 3R Canada Group office for more information!

Fouad Tfaili:

Lic# M05008501 / Brokerage Lic# 12402



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