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We’re 3R Canada Group and we consult individuals and businesses that need extra guidance with their finances and credit on how to leverage our expertise to achieve the goals they want to accomplish financially.  If you’ve ever said “Ugh, the bank said no and I have no other option”, then you’re in the right place because there usually is another option. Through our connections, 18+ years in the industry, and persistent follow-up, you’ll achieve the financial success you’ve been looking for – no matter what you credit score is. 


We attempt to fully understand your financial situation and provide the highest quality information, services, and products to help you reach your goals via the assistance of a one-on one relationship with our team.


Our vision is to expand and diversify our financial services to cover and assist more clients with different needs. We work as part of your team, understanding your situation, needs and what matters to you.

Who We Are

We provide help to small businesses and corporate clients, as well as assist individuals with financial problems or with personal financial goals and plans, whether that means developing a business or buying their dream home. Our services are tailored to the unique needs of each client.

We've helped hundreds of clients over the past 14+ years overcome their credit, mortgage, and business challenges.

 Overcome low credit score, bankruptcy, credit issues, and even setting up your business and getting a business loan by consulting with us for our services.
All of these stem from the opportunities we strive to achieve for our clients. We have a motto to never give up and attempt the best option for each client based on their financial situation.

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For Better or Worse

3R’s services are not unilateral, meaning that we only assist those that are struggling. We help people that want to improve their situations. whether they are already negative or positive.

At 3R Canada Group what is emphasized and most important is long term financial health. There are no quick fix solutions to financial and business problems. What is truly effective and beneficial is a customized plan crafted by a team of experts and this is why 3r is the right place.
3R Canada Group is a modern and ever evolving company. In these digitized and global times, we understand that for clients an open approach is necessary. This is why we offer online consultations, as well as via call. In the case that you don’t speak English, or French, we also offer our services in Arabic, French, and English.

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